Hate it or love it, denim is back, and honestly one of the most useful materials that hospitality staff have started to pick up on over the years. It ticks a number of boxes for the chefs, bar staff, and waitresses across the hospo landscape, being highly heat and burn resistant, thick enough to prevent accidents arising from spills or hot liquids, sustainable when sourced appropriately, hard to tear or cut through, and above all, stylish as ever!

Just like all of our other garments in stock, our range of denim aprons come in mens and women’s cuts, in a variety of different shapes, colours, and sizes. From the more eye-catching white ivory denim with pockets, through to traditional, classic denim colours, in either crossover or easy front-tying versions. 

Whether it’s deep in the action back of house, or needing to serve in a formal, aesthetically pleasing manner in the front of house, our denim aprons could be the answer you seek, either on an individual level or to supply your entire team. Our sleek and functional denim outfits also pair excellently with the range of other products we carry at Ace Chef Apparels, meaning that head to toe, shoulder to shoulder, you’re covered in garments that will enable you to perform to the best of your abilities. 

In an online or in-house capacity at our Eumemmerring/Hallum showroom, we’ve got the best hospitality uniforms and garments the world can offer. Shop with confidence and convenience when you’re with Ace Chef Apparels, and find the exact right fit, no matter the job. With prices and ranges to match any budget or style, we’re here to help get you decked out in the best denim aprons, chef shoes, and more. Cut through the crowd without beautiful products, and shop online today!

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