Microplane Gourmet Fine Grater Black

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Microplane Gourmet Fine Grater Black

Even when you’re a great chef, sometimes your food can lack that gourmettaste.

However, with the Microplane Gourmet Series, you can add the perfect finishing touches to your meal, turning it into something remarkable.

Microplane graters are specially designed to get the best flavours from your food…without shredding your fresh ingredients to pieces. They’re made from top quality, surgical-grade stainless steel, with finely etched holes that perfectly grate your food, preserving all its flavours. The result? Absolutely delicious food…minus the carnage!

If you want to create wonderful gourmet food, then this Gourmet Fine Grater is for you. It delicately grates your gourmet ingredients with precision, releasing their fantastic flavours and adding something special to your meal. Perfect for everything from citrus zesting to grating hard spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, it is easy and comfortable to use, and will really stand the test of time.

Take your food to the next level, with Microplane.


  • Designed in America.
  • Blade made from surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • Handle made from soft, non-slip rubber.
  • Includes a safety cover which covers the blade when not in use.
  • Features a rubber grip on the base to prevent the Microplane from slipping.
  • Ideal for zesting or grating.
  • Grater is dishwasher safe – the safety cover should be washed by hand.

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